May Your Pleasures be Many and Your Troubles Be Few, Adios


We all say Adios, to places, people, pets, and dreams so loved and still loved.

Goodbye begs in the hole it leaves a new volume, a new pouring, a new beginning.

Join me in moving into 2014 with a fresh step, waving Adios to 2013, and grab the joy of hello that is opened up in goodbye’s space. It is with a grateful heart for each of you that I look forward to 2014.

Recently, my mate Jim Tilly created a video to accompany his original song, Adios. After watching the video song we talked about how universal and powerful Adios is for everyone, and wondered what pictures other people might want to share that reflect the goodbyes in their lives. He posted the video draft on Facebook with a UTube link Adios and an invitation for others to send pictures that he will use to shape a new visual for the video.

It has begun a stream of pictures and moments shared by others that has left us smiling and tearing up. Loved ones lost, teenagers headed for college, shadows waving goodbye in the long sun of the New Mexico Desert.

The Adios vary, but the heart of it stays the same.

Feel free to send some pictures yourself. It’s a chance to raise your hand with open palm and welcome the new bright hello waiting…just waiting for you. If you want to play along, e-mail pictures to Jim at

Thank you and we appreciate you and yours, from start to finish, from hello to Adios, you are a special spice in our lives.

“May the days ahead, give you everything you’ve been searching for…Adios”








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