Art is a powerful place for change, conversation, education and understanding. How does an artist find their voice, their medium to convey a message and why does it matter?

Shan Goshorn is an Eastern Band Cherokee artist who has taken a time honored traditional art intrinsically linked to the Cherokee heritage, known for their baskets, and using archival paper splints she weaves a unique artistic vision to educate the world about Native history and current challenges.

Friends for 30 years, her arc and growth as an artist has been spectacular to witness, as she has explored ways to tell her story. This interview was done before her trip to Santa Fe where her basket set, “They Were Called Kings” received “Best of Basketry” award.

Below is a behind-the-scenes interview with a contemporary Native American artist, Shan Goshorn.  She is currently at the 2013 Santa Fe Native American Market. Take a look at how a basket can make a difference in the world.

Shan Goshorn – Weaving the Past: Changing The Future





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  1. Both a friend and truly a great American Artist, Goshorn’s work is striking, touching, and will keep her family, tribe, and the Eastern Cherokee in our history books for all time.

    Pat Fallon

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