Little Pearl Onions

Little Pearl Onion

What will you show me?

At first glance

in this slice of light,

you seem perfect, round & whole.

Poised on wooden cutting board.

The light shifts through glass

to coat your way home,

pristine and alone.

I see you and I wonder

What bigger picture

could such beauty hold?

What happens to the

thinly layered fear of

not enough

when it is answered

with ease




 Little Pearl Onions,

where one becomes many,

each carefully peeled and prepared.

A reminder that we are all

uniquely alike,

beautiful alone 

but also delicious

when gathered together.

What begins as one, grows into many.

Until a full medley mounts

mouthwatering and ready

to be seasoned

and finally served.

This rich inner life

which happens

in the mundane,

quietly ordinary moments.


This is where miracles reside.

Hope is sparked by one

but when gathered up

makes a miracle complete.

Little Pearl Onion.

Thank you for showing me.


In the smallest moments, there is an opportunity to find a richer meaning. For the month of April and May, in blog posts and workshops, I will be exploring how to expand the simple moments into places for creative growth and inspiration.  Additionally, I will be exploring my own creativity in the small moments, and sharing them with you through words and images. 

Will you join me in this springtime renewal?

Call me today for a personal exploration for creative answers to the thoughts that bring you pain, the questions left unanswered, the hope that is floundering.

Or share with us your own insights discovered in the tiny moments, send pictures or stories that delight your senses, uplift your spirit and expand your heart.

Alone we are beautiful, but together we are a full feast.

Note: As I prepared dinner, the pearl onions brought to mind a story I watched earlier in the day that brought me to tears, and later inspired this blog.  It is a story by Steve Hartman of CBS Sunday Morning who meets Kimberly Marshall, who is reunited with the man who saved her life as a baby in war-torn Vietnam. His act of bravery, saving this young woman he named “Precious Pearl” is an uplifting reminder that “you never know what one act of kindness will do.” You can watch the story here.


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