Will Power. Power Will.

Let me start by admitting I’m a bit of a homebody. So, the adventures I’ve encountered in the last few weeks have me feeling thankful to return to my natural state of being and in the arms of my honey, but I am also eager to share what I have learned while on Robin’s Big Adventure.

Two weeks ago, I attended the 2012  Martha Beck Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. I learned, I laughed, I cried, I hung with old friends, made new friends, shared my art glass and new product, “Creativity Brain Kits” for individuals, coaches, groups and workshop leaders. It was BIG fun. Because I was already half way across the states, I headed to San Francisco to spend time with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. From there, it was  a quick flight to San Diego to see my daughter Kelly and new son-in-law Dave. I wrote a bit about that flight in my blog post about Uncle Elmer and Aunt Faye Hope. Dances.

I learned all kinds of new things, and this is the one that keeps popping up the past few days. It is about WILL. POWER.

This is what I figured out. I use my WILL POWER as a form of energy to accomplish things. And it works. Certainly.

But what happens when I use the energy of POWER WILL

Am I splitting hairs, playing word tricks?

I don’t think so, and let me explain how these two things might be very different.

Yesterday on my bike, I played with the different way it feels in my body when I have two different thoughts: WILL POWER; POWER WILL.

When I was pedaling into a brisk wind and had the conscious thought, “I will use my WILL POWER to pedal this bike,” I found myself pushing with a force that started with my heart. I literally pushed the energy from my heart to my limbs. I moved with force on the bike. But I quickly felt a sense of fatigue. Because I was quickly tired, I had to repeat the same thought again and again, I will use my WILL POWER to pedal this bike. Heart pumps hard, muscles respond.

Then I tried something different. I held the conscious thought, “the POWER of moving smoothly WILL pedal this bike” and I found myself moving in a fluid motion. It was still me pedaling into the wind. But the thought POWER WILL and my responding physical reactions and actions were different. Pedaling smoothly was easy. Something I could do for hours. Using the thought WILL POWER was tiring, and required forceful spurts of high energy.

Neither are wrong, but using the POWER of (insert descriptive verb) WILL (desired action) is a more efficient way of creating movement. This is why a honed athlete appears to run that last amazing lap with no seeming effort.

Here is an example of the same energy experiment I tried at the San Diego Safari Butterfly Exhibit. I wanted a butterfly to land on me. I tried to use my WILL POWER. I listened to the guide explain that by standing without movement a butterfly is more likely to land. But more importantly, the butterflies are attracted to calm. I could not settle down my sense of internal force, it felt like excitement and my heart was beating too fast. I stood still for ages. No butterflies. Not one landed on me. I finally gave up and was pondering how I could learn to stop TRYING so hard.

Then I came upon my daughter. Kelly, like all of us, has super powers. And one of the biggest ones she possesses is this natural sense of calm. It is part of her inner beauty that shines externally, and I have marveled at it since the day I met her, which was at the age of five. She has always been able to stand solid in her own dance space. For someone like myself, more likely to be a whirling dervish of energy and sound, being with her is always a calming experience.

It is something nature responses to. A butterfly was sitting on her hand, while she calmly poised for photographs. It stayed there for a long period of time, at least ten minutes. Content to stay in the calm that is her natural state. Here she is from a photo on my phone:

Martha Beck discussed the power of energy at the conference and I can’t begin to repeat all that I learned. You can get the juicy content by reading any of her books, but the last one is filled cover to cover with practical ways to work with energy and a must-read, Finding Your Way In A Wild New World: Reclaiming Your True Nature To Create The Life You Want.” She writes about how animals respond to this inner calm and centered behavior.

As I told you in my blog Becoming A Creative Entreprenuer: I’m Ready To Dive. Right. In. I was introducing a new product and stepping out as a creative entrepreneur at the Summit of 325 Martha Beck Life Coaches with “Creativity Brain Kits” which are easy-to-use, no-art-skill-required play kits. Each one comes with everything necessary to have a great time exploring the joy of creativity. But the fun doesn’t stop there, because each kit contains a unique hand-designed glass piece that can be used as a touchstone, necklace, pin or placed on the box once decorated.

I had three times during the summit to sit at a table in the Marketplace to share my wares. I also had the good fortune to sit with my friend and Shiny Object School coach Sarah Yost, who helped me take my idea out of my brain and into reality to share with you all today. Here is one of my glass treats:

During the summit I discovered that when I relaxed, was myself and enjoyed meeting people they came naturally to our table. Being calm, answering questions about my glass or letting them find their very own ‘glass word’ for the day was a pleasure for me and I hope for them. It was much easier than when I first began and was anxious with thoughts of fear and limitation. As I developed my product the month leading up to the event, when I stayed focused on the task at hand, the long hours of preparation were fun and pleasureful.

Which leads me back to will and power.

I like the idea of changing how I use WILL and POWER. The thought “centered POWER WILL allow me to achieve my goals and aspirations with smooth effort” fills me with a sense of ease and purpose.

Try it on yourself and see if switching your will gives you more power.

Then share it with the rest of us here!


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