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Marriages and Marathons

Marriage is a fresh new start from one to three. I say three because the alchemy of public declaration and union creates a separate and individual spirit that is composed of the two individuals. A coupling of intention creates a holy trinity.

My daughter recently married a smart and nice guy. When asked what we want for our children most often we say happiness, and for me this is the big picture of parental hope.

The weekend after she took a leap of faith from Green to Kootman, Kelly ran a marathon.

In a way they are the same thing, marriage and marathons.

Training for a marathon takes preparation and a dedication to show up for training when it rains and when the sun favors a runner relief. You have to sign up for a marathon, do the paperwork and plan the next step, follow the process laid out by the rule makers. It takes a dedication to putting one step in front of the other, and to keep persevering even when that famed ‘wall’ is hit. The right nourishment for the body, plenty of water and rest help both before and during the race.

In the beginning, while waiting for the gun to fire, or late in the night when wondering if it is even possible to complete the race, there is a sense of exciting expectation and a rush of emotion to meet the unknown.

In the end, crossing the finish line makes a person a bit of something they never were before, In the doing, there is more of the essential self to spread around the world. The power of accomplishment is showing up for the preparation. And while you can run a race beside another, the deep breaths are taken in by one set of lungs. The passing scenes taken in by individual eyes.

Hugh Prather said, “Love the magician, knows a trick, whereby two people walk on separate paths and yet remain side by side.”

Marriage is a marathon. You step into it for the long stretch. It is deeply steeped in rewards and challenges. It’s everything imagined and nothing imaginable.

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