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If your body were a car, and your life the Indy 500, would you race to the finish line with a low-grade octane or let your engine rev-up with high quality fuels?

I have just slipped out of more than a 35 pounds since April 2011 and into a whole new way of eating and thinking about food.

Have you ever wondered what life would look like if food meant fuel, nothing else but fuel?

Let’s face it, food can feel like a best friend, a comfy blankie and well-sucked thumb, a giant lid that stuffs down big and small emotions. Food can become a place of despair, defiance and decadence. It can also be a place of celebration or a parking spot for obsession, self-effacing thoughts of blame and shame. Food can be a big ball of emotion, good and bad.

What road does eating take you down? Do you want to find an easier road?

Shedding Pounds and Gaining Knowledge.

First, I stopped taking a handful of drugs for my MS, drugs that made me more sick instead of more, well…healthy. With the guidance of medical care from Cleveland Clinic and my local awesome Dr. Shepler, weight was one of the things I left behind. So, I want to be clear that some of the total weight loss is related to stopping steroids, and the prescription drugs for the pain of my reaction to MS drugs, it was a circle. But it was so much more.

On my road to wellness I found out that food MEANT something to me. The meaning varied, the message was the same. Food was my own personal binkie.

I’m nervous, “hello candy bar.”

I’m bored, “why look at you big sweet piece of cake.”

You get it. I never said, I’m sad, “hello apple”

Finally, coaching made the difference. Getting coaching, and coaching others. Reading power books like If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Loss Weight, Tools To Get It Done by Brooke Castillo, and gaining clarity from her super-coaches-in-training Robin Broach and Laura Rosenburg.

I’m in a new food patch, and planting seeds of change that I see in my shrinking waistline, but more importantly in my energy, bounce and clarity of thought.

My honey and I began with a 15 day program. We exclusively ate fresh fruits and vegetables and juiced at least one meal a day. After seeing the documentary film, Sick, Tired & Almost Dead we researched the Reboot Your Life diet and decided to give it a try. It was a crash course in exploring a new way to eat. Now, mind you this is all without the caffine zing of coffee or mellow inducing glass of wine. Introducing meat, beans and nuts was a simple transition because we ‘reset’ our taste buds to desire the rich taste of fruits and veggies, cooked, roasted, steamed and stir fried.


Our mouths were introduced to novel tastes and textures. We discovered new foods like yucca roots, which become yummy ‘chips’ by simply cutting off the wax-coated brown skin and thinly slicing and baking at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Keep veggies already chopped up and ready to eat, whole wheat pasta ready to grab and make a quick dinner. Once a week while dancing to music, chop and drop yummy choices into the fridge. My darling man Jim does most of the chopping. He loves it. I love putting all that good food into quick recipes for supper during the week. Win/win.

For years I’ve read those ads, “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” and even jumped on more than one die-it bandwagon only to wander off the set of rules and guidelines and return to unconscious eating and a thicker waistline with an internal dialog beating the background drum telling me that I NEED to lose weight.

What I WANTED was a strong body, filled with energy. Finding that shift from being overweight an under motivated meant leaning into a new way of eating, and thinking about food. In the end it felt like meeting a new friend, unfamiliar at first then suddenly as comfortable as flip-flops on a poolside afternoon.


Then I Became A Gym Rat.

Well, 55 is late in life to figure out that movement is power. I’ll blog later about how moving in water and on land has changed my body, but more importantly, changed my relationship with the entire world. I have new goggles, and they aren’t just for the pool!

The picture of hope at the top was taken on one of my 2 mile walks with my top-dog Sheba.

Move, it will give you hope.

Do you want to discover what fuels you when it comes to food? E-mail me today at and I’ll give you a complimentary first-step question to get you headed on a new path. I will also be sharing some recipes for success whether you are cooking up new thoughts about food and you are planning a great meal.


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