Right Here On Planet Earth

by Robin on June 23, 2015

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For The Love Of Dogs

by Robin on February 13, 2015

Robin and CEO Sheba


In the season of Cupid, Valentine and love become a trending topic. For those celebrating the romantic love in their lives, this season can be filled with excitement and planning.  But if romantic love isn’t on your horizon, has left your tender heart torn apart or doesn’t heat you up between the sheets, this particular holiday can lose the focus of joy it promises. In fact, it can become a painful drag on your day-to-day. Maybe romantic love isn’t important to you, so the cards, and commercials are noisy background.

But love? That subject is worth reaching around and pulling out the arrow from your quiver, taking sure aim to the true home of the heart.

There are few subjects more interesting and endless than the subject of love. It comes in a zillion different shapes and sizes, lengths and depths, colors and tenors. Love is the base, the heartbeat, the only thing that really carries us to places we might be too afraid to wander. It even transcends the bonds of death.

Love is big stuff. Sometimes it comes with four legs instead of two.

Today, I am going to celebrate love.  In all the forms it might grace the world.

Please join me and share with us what love is bringing to you.

Let’s start with the four footed friends in our lives. Each one brings us laughter, surprise, and always the wisdom of unconditional love. It takes a brave hearts to love our pets, since their short lives mean the heartbreak of saying goodbye.

The top dog in my life is Sheba, a black rescue dog that found my husband before we found each other.  She makes my heart swell with appreciation everyday. In her honor I’ve written a poem, and translated portions of the poem onto glass, with little pockets where a picture can be slipped inside. You can order one for yourself on my etsy shop BeLoveGlass. 





MY DOG is an earth angel.

With invisible wings, four legs and Buddha knowledge.

She is patient with our human nature, always willing to provide

comfort and quiet empathy when we are burdened, or sick.

She celebrates happy moments, shares victories small or large.

MY DOG is a protector.

Ears perched high she stands guard,

Morning to night she sits patiently, waiting and watching.

Ready to protect us from strangers, or greet friends new & old.

With a welcoming bark or a warning growl she is a warrior dog.

MY DOG is joy.

She dances a canine gig to the sound of a turning key.

Five minutes or five hours, each homecoming is a celebration.

Ears go up at the sound of our steps at the door each day.

The unfettered joy of a doggy dance is a true homecoming.

MY DOG is love.

She has perfected unconditional love, teaching us the way.

Reminding us each day to love with unabashed abandonment.

Inside her nature is a wellspring of pure love overflowing.

We are grateful for this dog-love, never on earth long enough.

 © 2014 Robin Green Tilly

I made this special glass memorial for a beloved dog Trevor, a part of the Wilson Family.  Here is how it looks:


Click here to order on my etsy shop BeLoveGlass








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